1 Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is very impressive, strongly brewed coffee around the world. Turkish Coffee was explored in the 16th century by Ozdemir Pasha, who was a Yemen Governor of the Ottoman Empire. It was a strong drink made from coffee beans. He introduced Turkish coffee to Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. The Sultan was impressed by the extraordinary drink and as a result, gave it the Royal Seal of Approval


2 İskender kebap

A specialty of the city of Bursa, İskender kebap is named after a butcher called İskender Bey, who first prepared this flavorful dish. It consists of thinly sliced lamb that is grilled and combined with a spicy tomato sauce and pita bread, while melted sheep butter and yogurt are traditionally drizzled over the dish at the table.


3 Shish kebab

Shish kebab is a dish of small pieces of meat grilled on skewers, sometimes with vegetables. An ancient cooking technique in the Middle East, the term “shish kebab” comes from the Turkish şiş (skewer) kebap (roasted meat).


4 Lahmacun

Lahmacun, another name of which is Lahmajun( also spelt as Lahmajoon), is a  traditional Middle Eastern dish which is popular in other parts of the world as the Turkish pizza as it resembles the pizza in its appearance.


5 Simit

The history of the simit (Turkish bagel) dates back to the Anatolian era of the Ottoman Empire. The love affair with the simit extends to 1400’s. The simit had its place on sultans’ tables, in palace kitchens as well as the hands of the laborers. It is an adaptable food item, fit for both a king and a peasant.


6 Baklava

Baklava is a pastry, rich in nuts and sweetened with honey. It was once exalted to the status of becoming a food for the rich and the aristocrats. It is now a sumptuous treat that is greatly enjoyed with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.